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£10 (£8 Concessions)

Shifting Sands Theatre: The King Lear

Friday 4 May @ 7.30 PM

A modern comedic take on Shakespeare's popular tragedy, acclaimed clown theatre company Shifting Sands sets the action in a pub, with a landlord for a King!

Instead of a King they have a landlord - Mr Lear! 

When he announces his retirement and the division of his 'kingdom' between his daughters, Mr Lear imitates his famous namesake, and demands to know which of them loves him the most. But in doing so, he unleashes a tide of pent-up frustration and jealousy.

Hilarious and heart-breaking, Shifting Sands play with Shakespeare's ingredients yet remain faithful to his themes. A compellingly inventive retelling with warm humour throughout...

For adults - but suitable for years 11+

£10 (£8 Concessions)