A group of animated animals sit in a car wearing sunglasses

Catch-up Screenings: The Bad Guys (U)


Available dates

Monday 30 May @ 10.30 AM

Tuesday 31 May @ 10.30 AM
Wednesday 1 June @ 10.30 AM

In a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals coexist, a gang of criminal animals known as Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark, and Ms. Tarantula have made a deal to go good to avoid serving prison time.

But with Mr. Wolf beginning to enjoy this new lifestyle, a new villain emerges...

"Tarantino-style kids’ crime caper is amiable animated fun" Guardian ★★★

Directed by Jeff Fowler
Voiced by Sam Rockwell, Awkwafina
Run-time TBC // US 2022

Price: £6.50 Standard | £5.50 Child | £4 (16-25 Members) Buy ticket