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Prospect Players present 'A Dog's Life & Other Tales'

Thursday 15 February @ 7.30 PM

Friday 16 February @ 7.30 PM
Saturday 17 February @ 7.30 PM

A collection of four one-act plays on the theme of love.

A Dog’s Life by Pam Valentine

Four dogs lie in cages in an animal shelter. A Dog's Life depicts the moment when a woman comes to the shelter and has to choose between the dogs - a choice that literally means life or death to the oldest, Ben

Ferris Wheel by Mary Miller

Funny and touching, Ferris Wheel is the unlikely love story of two lonely people who are forced to ride together on an old country Ferris wheel. She's afraid of heights. He's afraid to give up smoking. They are both afraid of each other

The Wedding Story by Julie Ann Homokay

A Bride, Groom and a Storyteller, this short play is set in a land where the grass is always green and the sun is always shining.

Check Mate by Robert Scott

A tense one-act thriller with a simple set, in which a friendly game of chess becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Produced and Directed by Anne Crosbie & Helen Foster.