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£15 (£12.50 Concessions, £10 Under 16s)

The Royal Opera House Live...The Winter's Tale (12A)

Wednesday 28 February @ 7.15 PM

Now widely judged to be a modern ballet classic, The Winter’s Tale received ecstatic praise at its premiere, acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for its intelligent, distinctive and emotionally powerful story, told through exquisite dance.

The story follows the destruction of a marriage through consuming jealousy, the abandonment of a child and a seemingly hopeless love. King Leontes, possessed by a mad jealousy, believes his pregnant wife Hermione to be having an affair with his childhood friend King Polixenes. His actions tear their families apart.

Hermione’s baby daughter is abandoned and Hermione and their son die of distress. The baby Perdita, rescued by a shepherd, grows up to fall in love with Florizel, son of Polixenes. Yet, through remorse and regret – and after a seemingly miraculous return to life – the ending is one of forgiveness and reconciliation. The young couple is reunited with the remorseful Leontes and Hermione returns from the dead.

With powerful designs by Bob Crowley and atmospheric music by Joby Talbot, The Winter’s Tale is a masterful modern narrative ballet.

Music: Joby Talbot
Choreography by Christopher Wheeldon

3 hrs Including Two Intervals

In Conjunction with The Royal Opera House

£15 (£12.50 Concessions, £10 Under 16s)