Little Red Robin Hood : Meet the puppets

Little Red Robin Hood : Meet the puppets

  • Posted: 08 May 2018

There’s a merry mix up in the forest when Little Red Riding Hood cannot be found!




There’s a merry mix up in the forest when Little Red Riding Hood cannot be found! Luckily Robin Hood agrees to go on a quest to take some cakes and flowers to Grandma. Will he stay on the path or will he discover the big bad wolf who looks a bit like the Sherriff of Nottingham?

Garlic Theatre presents a funny, slapstick, glove puppet show with beautifully crafted puppets, clowning and gentle humour, ideal for ages 4-8.

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Meet the Puppets

Little Red Robin Hood






“I don’t know where Red Riding Hood has gone, but I’m brave and strong!

I need to get these cakes to Grandma, so let’s hop along!”

When Little Red Riding Hood is nowhere to be found, the forest delivers a new hero in the form of Robin Hood. Will our favourite outlaw get the cakes to grandma or will old enemies in new disguises get in the way?







Have you seen Little Red Riding Hood? She’s such a lovely girl!”

Mother has been busy baking all morning but with Little Red Riding Hood nowhere to be seen will the cakes make it to grandma’s house?







“I can’t wait for my cakes and flowers to arrive”

But when the Wolf comes knocking, will Grandma survive?

Poorly grandma has been tucked up in bed waiting for a visit from her lovely granddaughter Little Red Riding Hood but when there’s a knock at the door  who has really come to visit?

Little John










Little John picks up his axe and goes marching through the wood

He’s off to give the Wolf its whacks and save Red Robin Hood!

Our favourite ‘Merry Man’ Little John has always had Robin Hood’s back but with a new baddie in the forest will little John save the day or end up as dinner?

The Sheriff of Nottingham







“I’m the Sheriff of Nottingham, no one beats me

If Robin can be Red Riding, then I’ll be the wolf you see…”

The naughty Sheriff of Nottingham tries to stop Robin Hood’s plans no matter the story. However, with the fearless Little John on his tail and a forest full of hidden dangers who will get to grandma first?

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