No Time To Die Review

No Time To Die Review

  • Posted: 19 October 2021

Here's what Deputy Editor of NTU's Platform Magazine & Left Lion film reviewer Katie had to say on the new box office sensation...

Daniel Craig bids farewell to 007 in this action filled latest edition of James Bond in No Time To Die.

Bond (Daniel Craig) is enjoying his retirement in Jamaica with new found love Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux). However, his peace does not last for long. Whilst in Jamaica, he pays respect to his past love Vester (last seen in Casino Royale) when her grave is set alight with a bomb, clearly aiming for Bond. He finds out that Madeleine is something to do with this so he must let her go.

Five years later, Bond is still in hiding. Whilst in London, Spectre is out to take over. Felix Leither, an old CIA friend of Bond asks for help, and Bond accepts. Their mission is to rescue a kidnapped scientist, however it is more treacherous than expected. James is led on a trail towards his new villain, who is in charge of a new technology that could prove fatal in the wrong hands.

Where there is Bond, there is action and No Time To Die does not disappoint. Within the first 15 minutes of the movie there is a car chase scene as Bond tries to make his escape from those who are after him in Jamaica. Once again, Craig pulls out all of the stops, including a daring escape as he jumps down through the arch of a bridge.

But it’s not all action. The film dives into Bond’s emotional side. Where past Bond’s have been characterised by their fleeting romances, Daniel Craig’s Bond has been given more thoughtful relationships, with love interests who’ve stuck around. There was first Vester Lynd (Eva Green) in Casino Royale, mentioned frequently across the franchises subsequent films. Then Madeline Swann, first introduced in Spectre, and returning here to bring out a different side to Bond we thought we’d never see. The love they share brings a whole new level to Bond’s character and Craig and Seydoux have electric chemistry amongst the film’s stacked cast.

Then there is the ending. Without revealing too much, it is one that audiences may not expect but it bids a tasteful farewell to Daniel Craig’s much respected 007. (One who I would argue is on par with Roger Moore as the best Bond)

It is definitely going to be big shoes to fill as Craig says goodbye to a role he has known since 2006. Ultimately, No Time To Die did not disappoint on the action, the plot or the romance and the new side we saw to Bond was moving. So, as we raise a vodka martini (shaken not stirred) to Daniel Craig as he departs, we simply await to see who will take on the role next… ★★★★★

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