Call Jane (12)

Call Jane (12)

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Fri 6 Jan, 1:30pm

Call Jane explores the true story of the “Janes,” an underground collective of women, who in Chicago during the 1960s, came together to secretly provide nearly 12,000 women and girls with safe and secure abortions.

The story is told through the eyes of Joy (Elizabeth Banks), a suburban wife, and mother to a whip-smart teenage daughter. Joy’s happy life, filled with caring for her family and sharing confidences with her best friend, Lana (Kate Mara), is derailed when her much wanted pregnancy becomes life threatening.

“A crowd-pleasing feel-good movie of personal empowerment” – Times ★★★★

Directed by Phyllis Nagy
With Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver
2hrs // US 2022

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