Jazz Steps: Yolanda Charles Project PH Instra-Mentals

Jazz Steps: Yolanda Charles Project PH Instra-Mentals

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Thu 9 Mar, 7:30pm

Scroll down on Yolanda’s website and you see: Mum, bassist, session musician, songwriter, band member, occasional producer, poet, nature lover and novice gardener.  Refreshingly lovely!

Project pH features a diverse range of musical styles, including beautiful ballads, heavy funk-fusion instrumentals, and modern R&B-influenced soulful tunes. Their musical variety has drawn comparisons to Parliament/Funkadelic, Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, Prince, Yes, and Return to Forever – as well as Don Blackman, John Scofield, and even the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Yolanda is well-known to music fans and industry professionals worldwide. In 2020, she was awarded an MBE for her services to music. She has spent her career performing live with artists such as Hans Zimmer, Squeeze, Robbie Williams, and Paul Weller, as well as recording with BB King, Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, and Queen, to mention a few.

Yolanda’s new band Project pH has the dynamic and versatile Laurie Lowe on drums, known for his work as part of the Preston, Glasgow & Lowe trio as well as a myriad of names in the UK jazz scene. Pianist Hamish Balfour brings a wide range of experience as a composer and arranger. His training in both classical & jazz and as a dance music producer, gives him the perfect mix of skills for the band sound. Guitarist Nick Linnik provides a stunning display of highly compelling soloing as the newest member of the band.

The band presents its music with intricately arranged elements that allow unprepared moments to emerge, with a nod or glance signalling accents or arrangement changes. The interplay and rhythmic possibilities are numerous, which allows the musicians to enjoy a highly creative experience.

Yolanda Charles – bass | Laurie Lowe – drums | Hamish Balfour – keyboard | Nick Linnik – guitar

Presented by Jazz Steps

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