Actress Olivia Colman sits on a bench, holding a baby, next to a young boy. There is a boat and the sea in the background

Joyride (15)

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Fri 26 Aug, 4:30pm

Fleeing from his father, Irish 12-year-old Mully steals a taxi and is shocked to find a woman, Joy, in the back seat with a baby. Joy has decided to give her child away to a friend, and Mully needs to get some distance from his debt-ridden dad, who’s after the cash Mully has with him. And so two lovable rogues, a complicated middle aged mother and a troubled adolescent, go on a journey across Ireland, gradually finding the friendship, love and learning they never knew they needed in each other.

Guardian ★★★ Times ★★★

Directed by Emer Reynolds
With Olivia Colman
1hr 34 mins // IRE/UK 2022

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