Actor Bill Nighy looks at his watch, dressed in a pinstripe suit and a bowler hat

Living (12A)

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Mon 5 Dec, 7:30pm

London, 1953. Civil servant William is a cog within the city’s bureaucracy. Buried under paperwork at the office and lonely at home, his life has long felt empty. However, when he receives a shattering medical diagnosis, he is forced to act to try and grasp fulfilment before it goes beyond reach.

“Bill Nighy tackles life and death in exquisitely sad drama” Guardian ★★★★★

“Bill Nighy is brilliant in this graceful, affecting Akira Kurosawa remake” Telegraph ★★★★★

“Bill Nighy is magnificent” Times ★★★★

Directed by Oliver Hermanus
With Bill Nighy
1hr 42 mins // UK 2022

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