Nottingham Organ Society: Nicholas Martin

Nottingham Organ Society: Nicholas Martin

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Mon 6 Mar, 7:30pm

Nicholas Martin first started playing the piano at age eight. Even at this tender age he knew music was to be the foremost interest in his life! His career in music began in 1981 when he became one of the youngest resident organists, at seventeen years old, to play the Wurlitzer at the famous Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.

During the 1982 Blackpool season he was overheard playing the Wurlitzer by Nigel Turner (a Northamptonshire entrepreneur). So, through Blackpool, the “seeds were sown” for his musical future, as in 1983 he became the resident Wurlitzer organist at “Turner’s Musical Merry-Go-Round” a new entertainments centre at Northampton. He remained there for the next twenty-one years playing on the former Paramount Newcastle Wurlitzer organ.

As the “Turner’s” resident organist he recorded several best-selling albums. Following the closure of “Turner’s” in 2004 Nick became the Musical Director at Wicksteed Park (Kettering, Northants.), where he remained for four years until Dec. 2008.

Since then Nick has been a touring musician performing to the many organ and keyboard societies and clubs that are situated around the country.

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